Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Religious Right, as Engineers of a Chokey Holocaust

People are always going on about the fact that violent video games and movies cause violence. Games like Grand Theft Auto, movies like Pulp Fiction and all that shit. I'm pretty sure there is actually no basis in psychology for this claim, but such details don't usually matter to the Family First types which tend to spout such bullshit.

But what I want to know is – have these people ever watched Matilda? I mean, if their point about violent movies influencing people is valid, then any fucking movie could influence us. And so watching Matilda, people could get all inspired to make a fully functioning Chokey, which is basically the most terrifying thought a person could have. The chokey is like 10,000x worse than beating an animated hooker to death and stealing all her animated money. I mean just look at that shit:


Holy fuck that is terrifying.

The same people that run campaigns against violent movies and games are the same ones that promote parents being allowed to beat their children. Based on this, and their ideas about how media stimuli influence us, there is a good change that some of these people have built cupboards filled with glass, nails and quite possibly medical waste, for the sole purpose of punishing children. The women pretty much look like Ms. Trunchbull too.

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