Monday, September 13, 2010

eehbaby 4 sione

this piece of paper was stuck to the ground next to the Orbiter bus stop on Buckleys Road, Linwood (opposite Eastgate Mall). i was stuck wondering whether there's any significance to the fact it was discarded. is 'forever and ever' over for eehbaby or sione? cue: existential crisis centered on the impermanence of life and love. ms word love notes kind of tear me up sometimes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

obligatory earthquake post.

so, christchurch is gonna suck even harder now. go figure.

post apocalypse.

some things i have been dwelling on to kill time in between no work and no university:

+ is 'being drunk and on speed' during 'a major natural disaster' going to replace seeing some guy get dumped, beat down in 30 seconds after trying to fight us for like ten minutes, and arrested, as 'the 'buzziest' thing that ever happened'?

+ if god exists, and therefore should be thanked for the fact that no one died in an earthquake, should he not also 'take the blame' for stupidly creating a world based on tectonic plates? i feel like this dude is getting off kind of easy here. you owe me a television, bro.

+ how can i cash in on the suffering of thousands of people? is this an ideal time to purchase 'stocks and bonds' in relevant industries?