Thursday, January 12, 2012

what a way to make a living

my boss has me writing death-bed-time stories,
telling me not to worry, and to make the extra gory.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sweatshop manufactured religious iconography

i am the son of god; the son of man; the son of abraham
he said to me through bloodshot eyes from a far-off land
he said to me - plastic prayer beads in hand.
i am the son of life; the son of sam; the son of modern attention spans
he said to me through broken glass in a disused parking stand.

quote #3

did you ever want to set someone's head on fire, just to see what it looked like? did you ever stand in the street and think to yourself, i could make that nun go blind just by giving her a kiss? did you ever lay out plans for stitching babies and stray cats into a perfect new human? did you ever stand naked surrounded by people who want your gleaming sperm, squirting frankincense, soma and testosterone from every pore? if so, then you're the bastard who stole my drugs friday night. And i'll find you. oh, yes. - warren ellis [transmetropolitan]

quote #2

no wonder, then, that mankind, being placed in such an absolute ignorance of causes, and being at the same time so anxious concerning their future fortunes, should immediate acknowledge a dependence on invisible powers, possessed of sentiment and intelligence. - david hume [the natural history of religion]

quote #1

the wilderness once offered men a plausible way of life. now it functions as a psychiatric refuge. soon there will be no place to go. and then, the madness becomes universal. and then, the universe goes mad. - edward abbey [the monkey wrench gang].