Tuesday, April 28, 2009


  • That Sonny is going to smash that cunt for talking shit man

  • That he said he was gonna fight him but then dropped nuts

  • That a real obese woman is going out with a real lanky guy with ape-arms

  • That his favourite sub is Teriyaki Chicken, and hers is Meatball.

  • That they like kissing.

  • That one of them smells bad.

  • That it is probably the woman.

  • That some girl only wears trackpants when she is around kids

  • That when she saw some other girl wearing trackpants she was like what the fuck

  • That the other girl wore glassses half the size of her face and it was like oh my god, I know!

  • That the answer to every question is 42

  • That it's off that movie, y'know?

  • That if a teacher asks you something you don't know in class you should just say 42

  • That most teachers have seen that movie

  • That all teachers in Germany have seen that movie

  • That they will laugh if you say 42 is the answer.

  • That you should never wait for the Orbiter at Eastgate.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What we talk about when we're avoiding talking about that time we got drunk on wine and had sex on your parent's bed.

"I never really understood the difference between a river and a stream. I mean do they have some definite standard of flow and width and depth that makes the difference, or do people just take a look and go like 'oh hey yeah that is definately a river?'"

"I'm not really sure to be honest, this isn't something I've actually thought about before. We should look it up on wikipedia though for peace of mind".

-A stream is a body of water less than 60 feet wide with a current, confined within a bed and stream banks.

"What about like braided rivers though? They're just like streams that criss-cross and blend together and stuff? I think I need more clarity on this.

- Sometimes a river is said to be larger than a creek,[1] but this is not always the case, due to vagueness in the language.[2]

"It is a tough question. I think on the face of it though I'd rather hang out next to a stream though, it seems like it'd be more peaceful. Like maybe streams have been romanticised by popular literature or something, but serious, they seem like a better place to hang out. Rivers seem violent for some reason but I don't really know why."

"Rivers are filled with dead hookers."

"That's another thing about them. Pretty much fuck rivers."

"Do you remember that time..."

"Which time?"

"Oh sorry, I mean that time we hung out by the river eating those ice-creams and for some reason there was all those piles of hair all over the grass in front of the bench?"

"That was way weird. Sometimes I still think about that and wonder what was going on. Like I would probably pay money to gain some context on that situation. I think maybe it was an installation art piece."

"And then the homeless guy that came along and started throwing hair round and stuffing it in his pockets? Do you think he was a part of the art installation? There wasn't really anyone else around. Maybe like life is art though and in that case the homeless guy is kind of on par with Duchamp or something, because I couldn't stop thinking about that for weeks I guess."

"I thought you were gonna ask if I remembered something else..."

"What'd you think I was gonna ask though?"

"Oh nah, don't worry, nothin'! Lets talk about deserts instead of streams, though"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

stayin' rad

dropping outta law school, just gonna ride my bike all day, "take art pictures on a holga camera and try mythologize myself". direct community action.

i have nothing else to say YET so here is a conversation i had with Ian today on "the facebook":


only a few hours left at gay work

hour and a half, actually

then back to my house with 8 foreigners




well, theres 1 guy from Canada, 0.5 girls from Norway, 1.5 girls from Sweden (one of the girls is half-Swedish, half Norwegian), 3 girls from Germany, a girl from Holland and a girl from Switzerland

so it's not inconceivable


just get your dick out


I was in a weird mood.