Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the Outsiders, Media Club, Fri 12th September (REVIEW)

The year 2001 was pretty sweet I guess. I was 12, heard NOFX for the first time, and decided it was the best thing in my life up to that point. Even better than that time I pulled the world's smallest pocket-knife on some kid. This year was also the beginning of my descent into life as an elitist asshole teenager too, but whatever. The point is that pop punk was pretty popular back then. On Friday night I went to a pop-punk show, and felt twelve years old again. Turnout was pretty shit, but we are talking about Christchurch here. The bands played with energy, the songs were generic as fuck (seriously half could have been covers for all I know) and the socks were pulled up to the knees. And you know what? It fucking ruled. The Outsiders basically sound like Hot Water Music rimming the Bouncing Souls, but it totally worked, especially live. Total vibe-bringers.

As a footnote, “You're too fucken' drunk, either buy a beer or fuck off” is totally the sign of the worlds most awesomest venue owner.

The only shit thing about the whole night was that the woman at BP wouldn't take $5.00 to tell everyone who came in saying they'd just been “going hardout as doing some sweet rock moves, 'throwing up goats' and/or moshing” at Disturbed that they now had musical fucking AIDS and would die soon. I can only assume she wouldn't take the money because she was willing to do it for free.

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